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Web Design II


The Purpose of Web Design II

Web Design I was a crash course. Students were exposed to the elements of HTML and the properties of CSS, but few people became experts in a single semester. The primary goal of Web Design II is for all students to achieve complete mastery of HTML and CSS. In other words, your goal is not just to get through this course, but to become an expert in HTML/CSS. All Web Design II students will improve their knowledge of HTML/CSS through independent, self-paced lessons and occasional peer tutoring. Success for every Web Design II student will require focus, determination, and self-motivation, especially since Web Design II students will be sharing a classroom with Web Design I students.

At the end of the semester, ALL Web Design II students will take a graded pass/fail ICT Exam in order to demonstrate mastery of web essentials and earn a small profit toward Milwee technology.

Lessons in Web Design II

Each lesson is built to enrich prior knowledge, provide new information, and allow students a chance to demonstrate what they have learned through various assignments. As soon as a student completes all of the assignments within a lesson, they can request a password to enter the next lesson and continue. Lessons can be completed within a single week and sometimes within a single class period. Students taking longer than one week to complete a single lesson will see a negative impact in their grade, so keeping up is important.

Class Projects for Web Design II

By the time students complete most of Learning Goal #5 (Mastery of HTML), about 1/2 of the semester will have passed. This is when projects will begin and teams will be assigned. Below are the two graded projects intended for Web Design II students at the end of each 9-Week grading period.

  • Project #1 (LG5): Competitive Causes
  • Project #2 (LG6): Dominant Domains

Learning Goal Overviews for all of Web Design II

Learning Goal #5 (HTML) | Learning Goal #6 (CSS)

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