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Help Page – Various

Various Resources

This page is designed to be a helpful resource for students who need to create logos, manipulate images, or work with various Hex Colors.

Logo Tools



Color Tools

Color Scheme Designer

Color Jack Sphere

Pre-Made Kuler Combinations

Adobe Kuler Color Wheel

Hail Pixel

Sessions Color Calculator

HSL Color Picker

DeGraeve Color Palette (Pulling Colors from Online Images)

Big Huge Labs (Pulling Colors from Computer Images)

Image to Color Palette (Pulling Colors from Computer Images)

Image Tools

Copyright Laws for Online Images

GIF, PNG, and JPG – What’s the Difference?

Google Images Advanced Search

Free Image Source – Free Photo Bank

Free Image Source – Morgue File

Free Image Source – 4Free Photos

Free Image Source – Better Textures

Free Image Source – Copyright Free Photos

Free Image Source – Open Clip Art

Fotor Image Manipulator

Pixlr Image Manipulator

Other Tools

Find Your Screen Resolution

In-Class Source Codes

Source Code #1 – Inline HTML

Source Code #2 – Internal HTML

Source Code #3 – MyAbstracts HTML

Source Code #4 – Error Code HTML

Source Code #5 – MyCity HTML

Source Code #6 – WhiteWolf HTML

Source Code #7 – ColorChart HTML

Source Code #8 – Library HTML

Source Code #9 – SillyCats HTML

Source Code #10 – Deprecated HTML

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