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Lesson 1.0
The WD Classroom

Lesson 1.0
The WD Classroom

LEARNING GOAL: The Basics of Web History

Students will understand how the Internet evolved from a classified government research project into a world wide resource with the help of highly educated teachers and students.

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lesson1.1thumbThe first step in Web Design is to understand your work environment. If you’ve made it to class, then of course, you are not at home working on your own private computer. You are in a public computer lab monitored by teachers and district employees. This lesson is about understanding your work environment, your classmates, your teacher, and the expectations/guidelines that will be enforced every single day for the rest of the semester.

PART 1: SOLO WORK (15 Minutes)

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welcomeStep #1 – Find your assigned computer

Step #2 – Fill out the Student Information Sheet

Step #3 – Find the Class Website and Begin Reading through the following sections:

INFORMATION – About the Class

INFORMATION – About the Instructor

INFORMATION – Class Grading

INFORMATION – Class Guidelines


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Topic #1 – Teacher’s Introduction

Topic #2 – Welcome Back to our Students in Web Design II

These are students who have been through the same lessons you’re about to begin. They know what you’re about to go through. They can also be a resource for you throughout the semester. But just know that they have their own lessons and their own deadlines.

Topic #3 – Class Guidelines & Consequences


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